Hardwood Flooring Done Right.

Nothing compares to the natural beauty and elegance of hardwood flooring.  You'll never hear carpet called "beautiful" or linoleum installed as a conversation piece.  Only wood flooring is able to carry that distinction.

At Maverick Hardwood Floors, we don't cut corners to save a buck.  We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.  The first time.  We understand the effect that a beautiful floor can have on a home.  Wood flooring is an investment in your home or business.  When we install or finish a floor, we are putting our name and reputation on it.  We stand by our work and guarantee our craftsmanship from start to finish.

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Free your floors from the tyranny of old carpeting and battered linoleum with the natural beauty of hardwood flooring.  Whether its American Oak or exotic imported wood from across the globe, nothing compares to the warmth and quality of wood flooring.

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Are your wood floors not looking as shiny and new as they once did?  Have kids or pets done a number on your hardwood and left scratches and worn spots throughout your floors?  Well then maybe it's time to sand them down and start over.

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Proper care and upkeep are the best way to protect your investment and ensure the long life of your floors.  With our deep cleaning, recoating, and repair services you can keep your floors looking new for a lifetime.

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