So you have decided to finally do your flooring.

What to Expect:

  • "Normal working hours" are roughly defined as Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  In certain circumstances we may adjust days and times to fit schedules.  Exact schedules will be discussed as we move closer to your start date.
  • Noise.  Both installation and sanding are loud processes.  Clients planning to work on-site during the project are free to do so, but noise can possibly become an issue depending on location.
  • Dust.  Dust containment systems are used on all equipment, but both installation and refinishing involve the cutting and sanding of wood which inherently creates some dust.  All cutting is done outside of the home/building (unless otherwise discussed) and plastic sheeting will be hung where needed to protect furniture and belongings.
  • Smell.  Certain products used have odors which made bother clients with allergies.  While low-VOC products are preferred and used where applicable, some products (including solvent based stains and finishes) may take a few days for smells to dissipate, which can be accelerated by the use of fans or opening windows.  The use of waterbased products may help prevent these issues.
  • All furniture needs to be moved off of areas to be done.  Due to liability risk, we do not move furniture or disconnect/reconnect any water lines to appliances or bathroom fixtures.  Appliances will likewise need to be removed if flooring is being finished beneath.  Dishwashers generally are left in place and floor is finished up to front legs (to the point of visibility).  Unless otherwise discussed, the understanding is that this is the client's responsibility.  Furniture can be moved safely back 48 hours after final coat is applied.  Felt pads are recommended on all hard surfaces/chair legs to protect against scratching (adhesive pads are preferred to nail in).  Area rugs need additional time before putting down for finish to fully cure (10 days waterbased finishes/30 days oil based finishes).  Failure to wait for full cure can result in damage to finish.
  • Timelines.  Each job has its own expected timeline, but generally speaking clients are able to continue living in your home with the understanding that extra precaution may be needed during staining/finishing processes.  Traditional stains usually requires 4 hours dry time and waterbased finishes will be dry to the touch within 2-4 hours (polyurethane finishes dry within 6-8 hours depending on humidity).  Unless otherwise noted, the finishing process is usually one coat of stain (if applicable) and three coats of finish.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance.  Proper maintenance is the best way to make sure your floors last a lifetime and using the correct products is important.  Each finish manufacturer may have their own products, but a good rule of thumb is to avoid any product with "polish" or "wax" in the title, along with avoiding any of the Rejuvenator/Pledge/Murphy's Oil type products.  The risk with these products is that they may leave a film across the floor which may react with future coats of finish.  Here are a couple of better alternatives {1}, {2}, {3}.  For more information on maintaining your floors click here.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask...