Special Walnut

So you just got your floors refinished.

What's the best way to take care of them to ensure they last a lifetime?


Dust Mop

Regular use keeps dust off your floor and prevents buildup.  Products like Swiffer Sweeper and Bona Microfiber pads are easily found at most stores.

Use Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Hardwood cleaners are easy to find and use.  Cleaners do not leave the residue that many polishes do so recoating remains an option down the road.

Put Protectors on Furniture

This prevents scratches and dents in the finish.  Always lift furniture and try to avoid dragging even with protectors.


Wet mop or steam clean.

These put too much moisture into the floor which can lead to cupping and water damage as well as breaking down the finish.

Use non-hardwood floor cleaners.

Laminate, tile, or wood polishes can leave a residue film on your floors which can damage the finish and cause adherence problems for future recoats.  Never use wood cleaning products like Pledge or Murphy's Oil.

Magic Oil on #2 Common Red Oak.

Maintenance Schedule

Daily - Dust Mop

Weekly - Vacuum on Bare Floor Setting

Monthly - Hardwood Cleaner

Yearly - Professional Deep Cleaning

3 - 5 Years - Recoat